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在現今社會,良好的語文能力是必不可小的基本元素,英語為全球通用的國際語言,其重要性更加不容乏視。Thinka身為多功能網上學習平台,設有小學英文練習專區,提供小學英文補充練習,更有部分為免費英文補充練習。於小學英文練習專區內,設有Simple present tenses練習 / Tenses練習,Prepositions練習等,以增強及鞏固學生對英文語法及修辭的應用。除此之外,Thinka附有小學英文練習下載功能,即使於線下,亦能隨時隨地學習英語。臨近暑假,Thinka特意推出小學暑期練習,令學生在享受假期的同時,亦使暑假變得更充實,更有意義。


🌟 Subject, Object Pronouns

🌟 is, am, are, do, does, has, have

🌟 There is. There are

🌟 This, That, These, Those

🌟 Articles (a, an, the)

🌟 Countable and uncountable noun

🌟 Present Simple Tense

🌟 Yes No Questions

🌟 Basic Adjectives

🌟 Basic Verbs

🌟 Prepositions OF TIME (In, On, At)

🌟 Connectives (and, but, so)

🌟 Possessive adjectives & pronouns

🌟 Past Simple Tense

🌟 Present Continuous Tense

🌟 Question Words (7W1H)

🌟 Basic Phrasal verbs

🌟 Can / May

🌟 Prepositions OF PLACE (In, On, At)

Group 10.png
Group 11.png


🌟 Reflexive Pronouns

🌟 Comparative and superlative

🌟 Adverbs of frequency

🌟 Future Simple Tense (Will, be going to)

🌟 General Determiners (many, some, much...)

🌟 Indefinite pronouns (something, someone...)

🌟 General Determiners (a few, a little)...)

🌟 -ed. -ing adjectives

🌟 General Determiners (other, another)...)

🌟 Imperatives

🌟 Prepositions (in, on, at, under.....)

🌟 Modals (can, must, should...)

🌟 Connectives (First, After, Finally)...)

🌟 Connectives (because, so that...)

🌟 Mixed Tenses

eng p3-p4 1.png
eng p3-p4 2.png


🌟 Present Perfect Tense

🌟 Reported speech

🌟 Passive voice

🌟 Past Perfect Tenses

🌟 Relative pronouns (which, who that...)

🌟 Mixed Tenses

🌟 Reciprocal pronouns (each other, one another)

🌟 Phrasal verbs

🌟 Infinitives & Gerunds

eng p5-p6.png
Group 5.png

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