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Past Continuous Tense 過去進行式

(1) 當一個動作是在過去某一段時間中正在進行的,我們便用「過去進行式」。

For example:They were playing when Dad came home.

(2) 當我們用「過去進行式」時,要把動詞寫成這樣子:

was / were ….. verb (動詞) +ing

(3) 「簡單過去式」和「過去進行式」常會連在一起使用,我們會用 "when" 或 "while" 把句子中的兩個動作連在一起。

  • when + 短動作 (簡單過去式)

  • while + 長動作 (過去進行式)

For example 例如:

  1. We were having dinner when Sam came.

  2. While we were having dinner, Sam came.

(4) Examples:

The team members were playing basketball yesterday after school.

Was Miss Chan working at school from 7pm to 8pm last night?

Paul was not listening to the teacher at all in the last lesson.


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