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Either and Neither

Either and Neither

Either: (兩者之中) 任一的, 每一的, 每一方的

Neither: (兩者之中) 無一個, 兩者都不

Example: 附和句, 回答別人, 用在否定句

A: I am not a student. B: I am not, either. = Neither am I.

A: I didn't like English. B: I didn't, either. = Neither did I.

A: I don't like English. B: I don't, either. = Neither do I.

A: John doesn't like English. B: Mary doesn't, either. = Neither does Mary.

A: I can't swim. B: I can't, either. = Neither can I

Either….or: 不是…就是 ; 或者

Neither…nor: 既不…也不

在肯定句中 either A or B 🡪「A 或 B 都可以」

在否定句中 don’t . . . either A or B 🡪「A 或 B 都不行」

neither A nor B 🡪「A 或 B 都不行」

either例句用在肯定或否定句 獨用和 or 連用

e.g. It's best to get to the hotel by either taxi or bus.


e.g. I don't want either hamburgers or French fries.


neither只用在否定句 獨用和 nor 連用


A: I am a vegan. I don’t eat meat.


B: Nor do I (eat meat). / Neither do I (eat meat).



Fred likes neither rock nor jazz music.



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